Cassandre Khaki & Steel Leather Bracelet & Belt


1cm wide leather bracelet that wraps around your wrist, ankle and can also be worn as a belt. It is adjustable to fit all wrist, ankle and waist sizes. 

Your leather bracelet is sold in a blue suede pouch: the perfect case to protect your bracelet in your suitcase or your handbag. 

The bracelet is made of leather. Never use abrasive products and never brush it. Simply clean it gently with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with cold water. 

  • 100% hand made in France 
  • 100% leather
  • Comes with a hand stitched indigo blue suede pouch
  • Stainless steel magnetic clasp
  • OwenSavary signature indigo blue hypoallergenic calf lining

Please note this is coming from France so please allow for slightly longer shipping time. 

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