Q&A With Adriana Epelboim, founder of alepel

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and where do you live now?

I come from Venezuela, however, I moved to Miami at 15 where I currently live with my family. I have an artistic soul, trained as an architect and now happily embracing both worlds through my passion for accessories at ALEPEL.

What did you do before starting Alepel?

I decided to go to architecture school so I could receive proper training and a greater understanding of how to build and how to create a structure or product (of any scale) & how to make an impact with my creative work. Even in school, I always knew I was celebrated for my art and had to apply it in my work to share with the world someday. I worked in amazing architecture and interior design firms, however, I’ve always been passionate for the fashion world, specifically accessories. 

Tell us about your company. When did you launch? Where are you based? Why did you start it?

Since I can remember, art has been a key driver for me. Thankfully art comes in many ways, and can be applied to pretty much anything in life. The art of painting, the art of expression, the art of transmitting, and the art of creating any object with a purpose. In 2014 I launched ALEPEL, which to me was the perfect way to intersect my passion for art, fashion, and architecture.
ALEPEL represents a redefinition for the status quo of accessories. A canvas with endless possibilities where creative intervention brings together processes that are wholly new to the traditional fashion industry. My mission has always been to connect art and design into one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique and special. 

What has your last year looked like? How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

The past years have cemented the need for a brand like ALEPEL in the market and have proven that we have an offering that is unique. COVID was challenging in many ways: making sure our team could work in a safe environment, taking care of our supply/chain despite the limitations around the world, and having our kids at home (our team is composed of mostly women). Thankfully, we managed to maintain a steady work flow and it was still a very successful year for us as our DTC grew 700%.

What is your current mantra?

“Do what works for YOU.”

What are some routines you’ve been enjoying lately?

Working out early in the morning, followed by coffee time before a busy day! I work full time until my kids get off school at 4pm. - then I like to dedicate my time to them as much as I can. 

What is your go-to outfit?

I love wearing easy outfits that make me feel chic yet comfortable all day long. Shirt dresses or trousers and a blazer are usually my go-to outfit. I accent my wardrobe with the ALEPEL shoes and accessories.

Any books, movies, tv shows or podcasts to recommend?

Books: The Artist Way
TV Shows: Peaky Blinders, Serpent, Behind her Eyes, Bridgerton

Are you planning any trips this year? What places are you most looking forward to visiting when life opens back up again?

I am planning to go to Dominican Republic at the end of the year. Due to COVID, we haven’t been traveling so much. 

Congratulations on launching your spring collection! What was your biggest inspiration? What is your favorite bag?

Gracias :) There is a unique story behind each of these pieces that gets touched by artists and continued through each customer. In a world where we are expected to fit into existing ideas, we present a clean canvas for your personal story to be painted. Our designs are meant to give light to your character, and to be passed on and endure through. To have an item that has life, touch, and authenticity.
This Spring Collection we are showcasing lots of beautiful florals, fruits and animal inspired motifs. It’s SO hard to choose a favorite, they all have been made with much love and attention to detail...they are works of art! 

You can shop Alepel on Modatrova here.

Below are Adriana's Modatrova favorites.