The Secret to Getting the Hair Goals You’ve Always Wanted

Picture this: You go to a drugstore to find a shampoo and conditioner that cater directly to your hair. Before you can choose the perfect one, you aimlessly walk up and down the aisle. You spend most of your time reading the overwhelming labels: Total Repair, Color Protection, Smooth Intense, and Volume Filler. You’re frustrated because you can’t pick just one. Who can relate? 

Well, there is no longer a need to get hung up on picking out a shampoo and conditioner that will cater to your hair needs because Function of Beauty has you covered! Function of Beauty is a start-up that allows you to customize your own personal shampoo and conditioner based on your specific hair type and goals. This concept sounded like a genius idea, so I decided to try it out for myself.


When you go on to the Function of Beauty website, it directs you to take a Hair Quiz in order to build a unique, one-of-a kind formula.

Step 1: It asks you general questions about your hair such as hair type, hair structure, and scalp moisture. My hair profile consisted of straight hair with a relatively medium structure and normal scalp moisture. So far, so good, right?

Step 2: This is the most exciting part! It allows you to select any five hair goals that you desire, so no more struggling to pick just one. Personally, my hair has always been healthy and shiny, but ever since I started dying it, the texture has completely changed. Because of this, I chose color protection, and deep condition. But, who doesn’t need a good deep condition every once in a while? I also selected to fix my split ends, lengthen my hair, and have thermal protection because I am constantly blow drying, straightening, and curling my hair. After you choose each goal, there is a description of the key ingredients and how each works. I was thrilled to be able to choose exactly what I wanted in both my shampoo and conditioner, without feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to choose just one goal.

Step 3: Not only do you get to customize the ingredients within your hair care products, but you get to personalize the color, fragrance, and bottles as well. There are five color options or a dye-free option for those of you ladies who opt for dye-free products. I decided to go with pink and the feeling (f)ineapple fragrance, and let me tell you, it smells AH-MAZING! It has a tropical scent that makes me feel like I’m on vacation. The best part of all: you get to print your very own name or nickname on your bottles. There are no other hair products that I have heard of that get more personalized than this.

Step 4: Lastly, you get to choose what size bottles you want and how frequently you would like to order them. I decided to choose the 8 oz. shampoo and conditioner for $36 one time. In addition, the shipping was $5, but if you decide to order the products frequently there is free shipping. I thought this was a bit expensive for a shampoo and conditioner, but it was definitely worth the investment.


Once I received my products in the mail, I was super excited to open the box. The shampoo and conditioner came in a sea foam colored box with the label, function – of julia. In the box there were two pumps, which makes it easier to use the products in the shower. Within the box, there were instructions to cleanse and condition 4-5 times per week. It also contained the ingredients and the descriptions of my hair goals. To top it all off, I even received mini temporary tattoos!


I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about three weeks, and I have had nothing but an amazing experience. I don’t usually like to let my hair air dry, but I decided to give it a try throughout these weeks, and boy my hair has never felt smoother from the deep conditioner. I also tested how my hair looked after blow drying it, and it appeared super shiny and healthy. I used to have a hair routine every time I got out of the shower, and I used salon products such as Tec Italy Balsami Presto Leave In Treatment and Eufora Thermal Defense Prep. Ever since I started using Function of Beauty, I no longer need to use these additional products. I am definitely seeing a difference in my hair, and I couldn’t be happier. My hair already feels stronger, and I feel like I am giving my hair what it has needed for the longest time. Function of Beauty is setting the bar high, and I will no longer use any other shampoo and conditioner.

If you no longer want to pace around CVS hair care aisle bombarded with the overwhelming amount of options, and want to have customized products that cater directly to you, start by taking your Hair Quiz today. 

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