A Visit to the Glossier Showroom

 Step into the Glossier Showroom and let the world of Glossier ignite your senses. The moment the penthouse elevator doors open at 123 Lafayette Street, you are enwrapped by the millennial pink theme and welcomed by bubbly “Showroom Editors” who don the color in trendy jumpsuits. There are Maison Louis Marie candles burning low with soft music playing in the background. Makeup products are displayed as if works of art in a museum, but you are invited to touch and test them all. What began as a pop-up has evolved into a permanent fixture of Downtown NYC—an anecdote for the brand’s staying power.

Chances are you've seen Glossier’s splashy products across your Instagram feed. However, it was not until the past year the brand has truly rose to prominence. Glossier began with a beautiful and simple site serving up accessibly priced makeup to the millennial crowd. Emily Weiss, the founder of the company, started with her own blog Into the Gloss, which focuses on wellness, skincare, hair and health. After hearing from readers what they love and don’t love about products, she launched Glossier to cater to real life. Glossier began with face cleansers and concealers but has since expanded its product offering. The excitement and fierce loyalty to the brand comes with its commitment to focusing on everyday life and inspiring confidence. 


 The Glossier Showroom is a physical space that truly brings the brand to life. The space in itself is an Instagram moment. Visitors can snap a selfie in front of a mirror proclaiming “you look good” after testing any and every product. Fresh flowers decorate the space along with tassel banners and museum busts. The showroom is one that is truly interactive and confidence boosting as editors assist in helping you select products to compliment your complexion. The experience finishes at the register where you select what you would like to take homeall wrapped up in a shiny pink bag!

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