3rd Ritual: Making Meaning From The Ordinary

3rd Ritual was founded by Jenn Tardif in 2016. After several years of teaching and studying yoga, meditation and aromatherapy in New York City, Jenn began leading ritual-based workshops and creating custom blends for friends and family. Thanks to their positive response and loving demands for more, 3rd Ritual was born.

 The company aims to create mindful objects, share esoteric content, and host intimate events that make meaning from the ordinary. Their next workshop will be in Toronto on April 8th! 

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1. What was your inspiration behind starting 3rd Ritual and what are some of your goals for this year?
3rd Ritual is shaped by Taoist, yogic and design philosophies. Our goal is to make meaning from the ordinary. 
2. Where does the name come from?
We chose "3rd" because from sacred geometry to mythology, the number three has great significance. Three is the division of time (past, present, and future), the Holy Trinity, the triangle; and in many cultures, ritual actions are performed three times. And "ritual" as in sacred, repetition, and process. 

3. From your experience so far, what advice would you have for other female founders?
To hold your intention close, define success by your own terms, and remember that ultimately you've entered a marathon not a sprint.  

4. What does a typical day look like for you?
One of my favorite things about my setup is that there is no average day. Regardless of what I have on my plate I always try to begin with meditation and a few yoga poses to help ground myself and establish an intention before the to-do list takes over. Some days are spent filling orders, working on new products or teaching at the studio - although it's a work in progress, I'm constantly striving to practice what I preach by staying mindful of my intention regardless of the task at hand. 

5. Favorite place you've ever been?
It's so hard to pick just one! But on this grey winter day, I'm fantasizing about returning to the little Palawan cottage on stilts perched above the sea that my husband and I stayed in last time we visited his family in the Philippines. 

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