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Mer St. Barth

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and where do you live now?

Born in New York, I now live in California with my husband and two teenage kids. My dream though is to permanently relocate to St Barth where our family has had a home for 40+ years where i will only wear colorful kaftans and smell like La Ligne St. Barth Coconut oil.

What did you do career wise before starting your brand?

I grew up in the fashion business watching my mother build a luxury, cashmere womenswear empire in the 90s. I started my own career in the industry working in fashion PR in New York for 10 years, After my daughter was born, I became inspired to create something of my own and launched Busy Bees, an American Prep clothing brand for boys and girls 3 months to 16 years.

Describe your brand. When did you launch? Where are you based? Why did you start it?

Mer St Barth has been percolating within my heart for many years. Day dreaming often found me thinking about the perfect beach cover-up to wear at Saline Beach, or what my daughter would throw on for lunch at Cheval Blanc, how I could bottle up the scent, the color, the mood, the memory and transport it home. Designing our inaugural collection happened instinctively - it sprung forth in a whirl of hand designed block prints, saturated colors and frivolous fun details. We drew the label in the sand with a stick watching the sun set. The second I laid eyes on the first dress I just knew it was time.

Congratulations on launching your latest collection! What was your inspiration? Favorite piece(s)?

Mer St Barth inspiration is everywhere. From the pastel colored buildings in downtown Gustavia, turquoise seas of the Caribbean, to the emerald green palms dotting the walkways of St. Jean. My intention always is to design beautiful island inspired dresses that you can wear on vacation and easily at home. This season I am crushing on floral block prints, saturated oranges, soft aqua, metallic golds and always tassels, tassels, tassels!


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