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Cartolina Nantucket

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and where do you live now?

Hi, my name is Zoe Rosenberg. I grew up on the Main Line in Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) though since then I have lived in Paris, New York, and now Los Angeles. I moved my life to Los Angeles with the sole purpose of establishing hands-on, high quality, and ethical production for Cartolina.

What did you do career wise before starting your brand?

I studied art at Parsons-Paris. Then I moved to New York where I graduated with a Fashion Design degree from Parsons NY. During school I landed an internship at Christian Dior. Then, I became the assistant designer to Tara Subkoff for Imitation of Christ. Since then I’ve worked for Theory, Pamella Roland, freelanced, and was commissioned to create my own work on the side. Before the pandemic, I was working for BCBG. When BCBG shut down, I immediately moved back home to Pennsylvania where I met Margaret Anne. Together, we created an incredible brand called Cartolina Nantucket.

Describe your brand. When did you launch? Where are you based? Why did you start?

We launched Cartolina Nantucket to the public in the Spring of 2021. We started this brand for a few reasons: 1. Margaret Anne and I love to travel. Like many people experience, traveling energizes, educates and inspires us. Since we could not travel due to COVID, we put our energy into creating a brand inspired by our favorite places in the world. 2. Nantucket has such a strong beautiful and specific aesthetic that we wanted to represent. 3. We wanted to create something bright and happy to break cut through the grey energy of the pandemic.

Congratulations on launching your latest collection! What was your inspiration? Favorite piece(s)?

Many of the pieces in this collection and our brand in general are directly inspired by the late 1950s and 1960s: Bridgette Bardot, Jane Birkin, Sophia Loren, Jackie Kennedy, Aubrey Hepburn. We were also inspired by vintage tennis fashion, vintage Ralph Lauren, and Slim Aarons. Personally, I wear both the tan and black cashmere sweaters all the time. It is the only sweater I reach for, because it is incredibly soft and comfortable while also being warm and surprisingly lightweight at the same time. I love our cashmere sweater. We put a lot of time and focus into sourcing high quality fabrics from Italy, so I have a personal attachment to the Stella. My favorites specifically are the blue plaid and solid black. They are a great skirt option for the fall and winter and the smocking makes it so comfortable and easy to wear.


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