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Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and where do you live now?

My name is Olivia Meyer and I am from Palm Beach, Florida. I lived all around including New York City and Charleston before coming back down south to the warm salty air in Palm Beach.

What did you do career wise before starting your brand? 

I always loved the details in fashion and worked for brands such as Stubbs and Wootton, until I wanted to use the tools and create a brand on my own.

Describe your brand. When did you launch? Where are you based? Why did you start it?

I launched Banniere in the Spring of 2018 with a goal of mixing together art, fashion, and travel. Banniere is a high quality silk scarf brand whose products are designed by local artists in cities around the world.Founded on the values of collaboration, quality and travel, Banniere works closely with a variety of artists to produce designs that emanate the culture and lifestyle of each artist’s beloved town. Being a third generational Palm Beacher, I started my first Palm Beach Scarf with a local artist from the area. Together, we created a design of all the beautiful Via’s and tile work on Worth Avenue that lead straight to the beach. I am passionate about promoting every artist I work with. Tucked into every Banniere package is a personalized card telling the story of each artist, their connection to the city and inspiration behind the design. Supporting and connecting with local artists is the basis behind the brand. I continue to travel and search for new Artists and ideas. Banniere is also passionate about re-introducing the classic silk scarf to a new generation by showing the many ways to style a scarf: around the head, neck, as a top, purse, belt etc. I decided to start Banniere after falling in love with the many distinct styles and cultures I discovered through traveling. A silk scarf is the perfect accessory to add color and dress up any outfit while on the go. The scarves are not only sentimental pieces that resonate with different memories of each city, but they are the perfect personalized gift. They each tell their own story.

Congratulations on launching your latest collection! What was your inspiration? Favorite piece(s)?

The last few favorite scarves we've launched are the Dallas, Aspen, and Hamptons. The Dallas really brings together a festive Texas feeling with hidden Dallas symbols of the city, including the Bluebonnets and the beautiful Monarchs they have in the Spring. The Aspen Scarf is a more playful après-ski scene at the bottom of Cloud 9. Lastly, the Hamptons Scarf is a more stunning watercolor scene of where the fog meets early daylight on the beaches of the Hamptons. Next, we are Launching a Lyford Cay Scarf design painted by Lulu DK.


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